New lift installation Services

We manufacture and supply all types of electric elevators or electric lifts in Govt. /semi government/ public & private sectors / malls / hospitals etc. They are available in various sizes and designs as per client's requirement and ISI std with modern technology. The AMC also includes attending breakdown calls. Each of our technicians is allotted a specific region to ensure prompt attendance of breakdown calls. We believe in properly analyzing breakdown patterns and move towards minimum breakdown. Making sure all the safety circuits are working properly Checking all parts for wear and tear, Checking oil and other lubrication, Cleaning the elevator cabin and surroundings. etc.

We Can Modernize Any Manufacturer's Equipment. By adding new technology to your existing equipment, our technicians can bring elevators into compliance with all applicable safety codes, increase elevator operational efficiency and performance, improve the appearance of your elevators.

Maintainance Services

  • Passenger Lifts
  • Automatic Lifts
  • Capsule Lifts
  • Automobile Car Lifts
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • Auto Door Lifts
  • Collapsible Door Lifts
  • Personal Home Lifts

Elevators New installation Services

Lift Auto Door Repair and Maintenance Service

Lift Repairing Service

Lift Elevator Repair and Maintenance Service

High Quality Services


We can perform all of the work required to get a PWD inspection for companies located in Mumbai and Around. We will schedule a visit by a PWD Inspector and conduct the inspection and obtain the necessary paperwork on your behalf.


Our highly skilled crews can handle any elevator-related construction projects, from new installation to equipment upgrades. System Engineering.

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Trimurty Elevators is amid the most noticeable names betrothed in service providing and manufacturing an impeccable collection Lifts and Maintenance Services of lift.